How to change a Habit Part 2: Why do we Form Habits?

If you’re finding it difficult to start eating Paleo, understanding the nature of habits can help you discover what’s holding you back and develop a strategy to move forward.  Last week we took a look behind the curtain at the different components of a habit.  Today let’s cover why we form habits. The Prerequisites of […]

The How of Habit Change Part 1: What is a Habit?

In my first few posts I’ve focused mostly on losing weight with the Paleo diet, but today I’d like to concentrate on a different aspect we’ll cover here at Paleo Alchemist: the science and techniques of habit change.  This information is an essential part of the alchemy of starting to eat Paleo, because the act […]

This Site has the Information You Need

When I first heard of the Paleo diet, I did what you probably have: I Googled it.  I first came across Robb Wolf’s work.  From him I learned the basic premise of Paleo: that our bodies evolved to eat a diet much different from that of the Standard American.  After poking around his site for […]

Eat These Foods and You Will Lose Weight: Part 2

Last Week I addressed one of the most common questions beginners have about Paleo: What foods exactly are Paleo?  Today I’ll finish my overview with the last two food categories, and share my Super Simple Paleo meal plan, a general strategy I developed to help eliminate some of the decision fatigue that can arise during […]

Eat These Foods and You Will Lose Weight: Part 1

One of the most frequently asked questions I’ve heard from people getting started with Paleo is: what foods are Paleo?  Like I explained last week, if you’re eating Paleo for weight loss, you really only need to concentrate on not eating refined sugars, juices, and grains, while replacing carbs with healthy fats.  When changing a […]